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Wednesday, April 17

9:00am EDT

A Life-Saving Motor Vehicle Accident: A Young Woman's Car Crash Leads to a Rare Malignant Finding Lumsden Gym A misconception: Higher Education Opportunities and Social Location Lumsden Gym A Review of Response Interruption and Redirection as an Intervention for Automatically Reinforced Vocal Stereotypy in Children with Autism Lumsden Gym AMP-ing Up Student Success! Assessing Amherst Central High School’s Academic Monitoring Program Lumsden Gym An Evolving Lens: Inclusive and Affirming Sexual Health Lumsden Gym An investigation into the relationships between objective sleep quantity and self-report measures of sleep quality, perceived stress, sleep hygiene and mindfulness in healthy college students. Lumsden Gym An investigation of Backwards Gait Analysis (BGA) and the Standardized Walking Obstacle Course (SWOC) for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Lumsden Gym Anxiety in Graduate Physical Therapy Students Lumsden Gym Behavioral Management Strategies For Students With ADHD in Pre-school and Kindergarten Classrooms Lumsden Gym Brexit Lumsden Gym Business Crime Lumsden Gym Can Buddhist Belief and Practice Improve Your Health? Lumsden Gym Can the Pediatric Balance Scale Detect Changes in Functional Balance in Children Participating in Adaptive Dance Programs? Lumsden Gym CAUSE Lumsden Gym Christopher Wren and London Architecture Lumsden Gym Collective Bargaining Agreements Lumsden Gym Comparison of Student Veteran Programs at Private Colleges in Western New York Lumsden Gym Conservation isn't irrelephant! Lumsden Gym Conservation of the Amur Tiger Lumsden Gym Conservation of the Pig-nosed Turtle Lumsden Gym Conservation of the Polar Bear Lumsden Gym Development of a Chromatographic Method for the Simultaneous Determination and Quantification of Amino Acids Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Country Line Dancing Reduces the Risk of Falls among Community Dwelling Older Adults Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Individual Counseling and Case Management for Probationers Lumsden Gym Effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training on Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy in Various Populations Lumsden Gym Effects of Classroom Based Yoga on Gross Motor Skills and Self-Regulation in Preschool Aged Children with Developmental Delays Lumsden Gym Effects of Group Exercise on Self-Efficacy and Intrinsic Motivation in Patients With Parkinson's Disease Lumsden Gym Efficacy of the Motion Guidance Laser System on Correcting Medial Knee Displacement During a Single-Leg-Squat Lumsden Gym Establishing advanced care guidelines in inflammatory bowel disease: a multi-center, double-blinded, randomized control trial of Vedolizumab, Azathriopine, and Infliximab Lumsden Gym Ethics in Sports Lumsden Gym Evaluating CAUSE from the Perspective of Student Participants and Families Lumsden Gym Evaluation of the Provision of Services to Assist with Student Veterans’ Transition to College Life at Daemen College. Lumsden Gym Evaluation of Utilization of Academic Support Services Among Daemen College Student Veterans Lumsden Gym Exercise Effects on People's Everyday Mood and Daily Functioning Lumsden Gym Factors Related to NCAA Student-Athlete Retention Lumsden Gym Green Marketing: Changing How Marketing is Executed Lumsden Gym High School Sport Specialization Levels Among NCAA Track and Field Athletes Lumsden Gym High School Sport Specialization of Current NCAA Division I, II and III Athletes Lumsden Gym How do Norms and Groups Impact the Workplace? Lumsden Gym How Social Media Has Impacted Marketing Strategies Lumsden Gym Impact of chronic stress on zebrafish brain development Lumsden Gym Internet Sports Gambling Comes at a Risk Lumsden Gym Literature of London Lumsden Gym Literature of London Lumsden Gym Living with and Managing Osteoporosis Lumsden Gym London in the Swinging 60's Lumsden Gym Mathematics in Cryptography Lumsden Gym Middle School and College Students Helping Each Other Find Beauty, Confidence, Pride, and Success Lumsden Gym Monitoring Cardiopulmonary Response to Dance Exercise Intervention in the Elderly Lumsden Gym Pay For Play Lumsden Gym Peace of the City Lumsden Gym Perceptions of Faculty Preparedness for Working with Student Veterans Lumsden Gym Pet Obesity Lumsden Gym Physical Therapist Knowledge of Diagnostic Imaging Lumsden Gym Positioning your Product or Service for Success Lumsden Gym Positive Effects of Correct Assessment of English Language Learners Lumsden Gym Poverty In Western New York "What Does It Look Like" Lumsden Gym Reading Intervention at Peace of the City Lumsden Gym Response to Love Lumsden Gym Sales and general business ethical dilemmas Lumsden Gym Service Learning Lafayette High School Lumsden Gym Snow Leopard's Vulnerability Lumsden Gym Student Athlete Advisory Committee Lumsden Gym Sustainability in Professional and Collegiate Sports Lumsden Gym Symbiotic business. Corporate ethics and responsibilities in a global setting. Lumsden Gym Systematic Design of Xerogel Coatings to Reduce Bacterial Settlement Lumsden Gym The Adsorption of Sea Water Cations to Materials Containing Phenyl Rings Lumsden Gym The Analytical Movement in Sports Lumsden Gym The Antibacterial Effects of Essential Oils on Cariogenic Bacteria Lumsden Gym The Benefits of Sensory Integration for Students with Moderate to Severe Autism (Grades 1-2) in a Special Education Classroom Setting Lumsden Gym The British Museum and the Elgin Marbles Lumsden Gym The Effect of Concussion on BESS Scores Among Adolescent Male and Female Athletes Lumsden Gym The Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Median Neural tension on Asymptomatic College Students with and without a History of Neck Pain. Lumsden Gym The Effects of Dosage Parameters On Amplitude Based Training for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Lumsden Gym The Effects of Exercise on Sleep in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease Lumsden Gym The Effects of Globalization on Modern Immigration Policy Lumsden Gym The Effects of Music on Aerobic Performance and Mindfulness Lumsden Gym The Effects of Service Learning on Self-Efficacy and Anxiety in Athletes and Non-Athletes Lumsden Gym The effects of telecommuting on the workplace Lumsden Gym The Endangerment of the Nubian Giraffe Lumsden Gym The Evolution of Sexual Harassment Policies in the United States Lumsden Gym The Great Fire and the Plague Lumsden Gym The Housing Crisis in Buffalo & the Effect on Low-Income Residents Lumsden Gym The Impacts of Tourism Lumsden Gym The Importance of the Early Childhood Educator in Promoting Mindfulness in a Classroom Setting Lumsden Gym The Influence of Centralization and Directional Preference on Spinal Control in Patients with Nonspecific Neck Pain Lumsden Gym The Knowledge of Athletic Trainers on the Female Athlete Triad Lumsden Gym THE MISREPRESENTATION OF PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES Lumsden Gym The Prevalence of Depression and Suicidal Ideations in Graduate Physical Therapy Students at Daemen College Lumsden Gym The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Problems with Self Esteem Lumsden Gym The Role of Decapentaplegic in Wound Healing of Vanessa cardui Lumsden Gym The Role of Seed Caloric Value on Seed Selection by Harpalus pensylvanicus Lumsden Gym The Role of Temperature on Weed Seed Predation by a Common Ground Beetle Lumsden Gym The Social Context of Humor-based Interventions Lumsden Gym The Use of Picture Exchange Program (PECS) in an Early Childhood Special Education Classroom for Students on the Moderate to Severe End of the Autism Spectrum Lumsden Gym Transforming Insight: What It Takes and How It Gets Done Lumsden Gym Trauma Informed Care at Peace of the City Lumsden Gym Understanding the Effects of Concussions in Sports Lumsden Gym Unethical Behavior in Sports Lumsden Gym Use of Phone-Based Case Management Services to Serve Victims of Domestic Violence Lumsden Gym Voices for 2020: Assessing the Needs of Homeless Families in WNY Lumsden Gym Volunteer Lawyers Project; Effects of Domestic Violence Lumsden Gym What Do Student Veterans Want From Their Daemen College Experience? Lumsden Gym Winston Churchill Lumsden Gym Women's Role in the World of Sport Lumsden Gym

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